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Now there’s a way to quickly turn bare ground into a professional looking lawn without spending a fortune. Our unique hydroseeding process can turn your yard into a lush green grass in just three weeks…for a quarter of the costs. Hydroseeding is also a great way of planting wild flowers, crown vetch, native grasses, for soil stabilization projects, re-vegetation, and erosion control. Hydroseeding costs only a little more than traditional method of using dry seeding techniques combined with messy straw mulch.

Hydroseeding is a process by which seed, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch are blended together in a tank applied to a prepared area through a high pressured spraying hose. Once sprayed, the wet fiber mulch will help create a bond to the soil and provide seeds with a water retaining blanketing-coat while protecting it from sunlight, wind, and erosion. As the grass seeds begin to germinate, the fiber mulch will slowly decompose adding nutrients to the soil.

Two big benefits of hydroseeding are even
applications and fast germination of the seed.
Customizing a blend of seed is an added attraction;
you can apply any type of wildflower or turf seed
desired in any given percentage, taking the guess
work out of hand applications.

Hydroseeding is intended for use when either an
area is too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for
conventional seeding and when results are required
fast. No matter how large or small the project,
​Hydroseeding is an extremely cost effective and successful method of establishing new vegetation and stopping erosion.