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Guide to Hiring the Best Snow Removal Service

The sight of snow blanketing your Lehigh Valley property can be breathtaking. But large swaths of snow on your parking lot can be a pain to remove. Hiring a snow removal can help keep your business open and prevent injuries to customers and employees.

But how do you find a professional snow removal service to help you stay on top of the snowy conditions? Find out in the sections below.

Benefits of hiring a snow removal service

You may be wondering. “I can simply grab a shovel and clear the snow myself.” True, you could DIY, but there are benefits to hiring a snow removal service:

  • Safety

A professional service keeps your entrance and parking lot well-maintained and snow-free. As a result, there’s less risk of slips and falls, ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

  • Uninterrupted business operations

With snow blocking entrances and parking spaces, employees and customers will find it difficult or impossible to access your business. The best snow removal service in the Lehigh Valley will promptly and efficiently remove the snow, keeping your business operational.

  • Easy parking

Clients will find it easy to use your parking lot as the space is snow-free and stripings are visible. When your parking space is unusable for customers, they’ll find another business.

  • Convenience

When you hire a local Lehigh Valley snow removal service, you work with a company familiar with the area. You both will be able to agree on how much snow should accumulate before they plow it away.

You will also be able to determine the ideal time for snow removal to minimize disruption to customer’s activities.

How to find the best snow removal service

  • Start now

Winter is almost here. If you’ve not started shopping for a snow removal service, now is the time. Waiting until the first snowfall may mean finding yourself at the bottom of the snow-plowing list.

  • Focus on local companies

Search for reputable snow removal companies in your area. They know the area well and will be able to respond quickly when you need them.

  • Get multiple quotes

Getting multiple estimates will enable you to compare pricing and choose the best price. Remember to ask what services the estimate covers so you are on the same page as the snow removal company.

  • Understand the pricing

Pricing structures differ. Some charge per square foot, while others charge you for the entire season. Some will base their prices on the snow depth. Understand how their pricing works and choose the one that works for you.

  • Establish expectations

Do you have to call the snow removal company before they come? How quickly do they respond after a snowfall? Where do they pile the snow? Know precisely what you want and clarify it with the company before signing the contract.

Hire the best snow removal service in the Lehigh Valley

Looking for the best snow removal company in the Lehigh Valley? Don’t look too far. With us, your business can remain safe, accessible, and operational throughout winter. Contact us today, and we’ll work out a plan that suits you.



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