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Spring Overseeding Tips and Tricks

When your lawn looks scanty and the grass looks thinner than it should, it is time for overseeding. Overseeding can restore your lawn to its past glory and green beauty, giving your home a fresh and fantastic curb appeal.

Although it is best to hire a professional Lehigh Valley landscaper to get the best result, you can follow these easy DIY tips and tricks to overseed your lawn this spring. But first, let’s take a look at what overseeding is.

What is overseeding?

Overseeding is a way of boosting a thin lawn and preventing it from losing its beauty. It is done by adding or planting new seeds on an existing lawn without overturning the soil.

The best time to overseed is determined by where you live and the kind of seeds you intend to grow. However, spring is said to be the second best time after late summer or early fall. Before overseeding your lawn, you have to have some equipment available, like a rake, lawnmower, and spreader. Here’s how to go about it:

Tips for overseeding in spring

Mow your grass low

The first thing to do before overseeding is to give your lawn a nice fresh low trim. However, take caution not to go too low to avoid the risk of burning, but ensure to go lower than you usually would. A short lawn will allow for easy access to the soil for overseeding.

Fix pre-existing lawn issues

Always fix pre-existing lawn issues before overseeding. Ensure to eliminate weeds that may compete with your grass for space and nutrients.

Pick the right grass seeds

When picking grass seeds for overseeding, always choose the right ones for your location and the season (in this case, spring). Every grass seed has a specific time and season it should be planted. For springtime, Bermuda grass is a great choice to help you get started.

Amend the soil

When overseeding, it is essential to ensure that your soil pH and nutrients are in perfect condition before planting your seeds. A healthy lawn soil has a pH between 6.5 -7.5. Anything below or above these pH levels requires balancing out.

Apply grass seeds

After testing your soil and balancing the pH levels you can then apply the grass seeds via various methods. However, the most popular way is to use a spreader and walk around the lawn, trampling it lightly, for even distribution.

Fertilize and water your lawn

Knowing the amount of nutrients and in what proportion your grass needs them before purchasing a fertilizer is essential. Grass seeds need very moist soil constantly to grow. Ensure to water grass seeds after you have planted them as well.

Let the Landscapers in Lehigh Valley give your lawn a facelift today

Spring is an excellent time to overseed your lawn and breathe fresh life into it. As simple as overseeding may seem, it requires time, experience and expert know-how. If you need to overseed your lawn, the professional Lehigh Valley landscaper can help. From picking the right grass seeds to watering your lawn, our overseeding services can help bring your dream of a beautiful outdoor space into reality. Tell us more about your landscaping project today.



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