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The Dos and Don’ts of Landscape Lighting

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When it comes to landscape lighting, there’s a lot more to do than hanging lights on trees or bushes or arranging them along the sidewalk.

There are certain things you should know about landscape lighting.

The Dos

Listed below are the dos of landscape lighting.

Use different types of light beams

Using different types of light beams across your landscape produces more texture and gives off a 3D effect as opposed to the flat layout of using similar beams across your landscape.

Always install enough lights

To get the best lighting effects, you should install enough lighting features. Ensure enough lights are around your landscape, trees, and even porch.

Installing lighting fixtures may be costly but it’s worth it for the ambiance and lighting effect on your landscape.

Opt for LED lighting

LED lightings are the best because they help to reduce energy costs. The best part is that they are durable and could last as long as a decade.

LED lights are also available in different colors and hues and can produce different effects and ambiances depending on your preference.

Install light fixtures evenly

Only installing light fixtures is not enough, but installing them consistently on the property will produce the best results.

For instance, lights installed in your trees; ensure the lights are along the trunks to create an even lighting effect.

The don’ts of landscape lighting

Do not isolate certain parts of your landscape

When adding lighting fixtures to your landscape, do not isolate certain parts like the trees or the walkway and leave the surroundings dark.

Ensure that every aspect of your landscape lighting is adequate to produce the best landscape lighting effect.

Don’t use too many bullet lights

Bullet lights can be used for the corners of your home or to highlight specific details around your home. Whereas bullet lights are very effective, they can be bright like spotlights.

Consider using warmer light bulbs for some parts of your home, like the interior and other areas that enhance a warm ambiance.

Do not use insufficient lights for large fixtures

Using too few lights for large fixtures in your landscape such as fountains or statues will produce too many shadows. This can take away from the overall effect of the lights. Ensure that large fixtures have adequate light from every angle.

Don’t light everywhere the same way

Although it will be easier to have the entire landscape lighted the same way, you won’t get the maximum effect from doing this.

What works for one part of your property may not be effective for other parts. For instance, what works for the flat walkway will be ineffective for the stairs.

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