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Tips for Protecting Your Landscaping from Heavy Winds

The winter season comes with strong winds, which can be damaging to your landscaping. Without preventive measures, you could walk out one morning to find your outdoor structures and plants ravaged by winds. At Hursh’s Landscaping, we know how much you love your landscape and have compiled some tips to ensure it remains beautiful and intact throughout winter.

Stake your Plants

Tall plants are particularly prone to swaying and toppling over in strong winds. Similarly, young trees lack established roots that keep them firmly rooted to the ground. Staking such plants will give sturdy reinforcement against winds and keep them upright. You can also use sandbags as supporting systems.

Plant in clusters

Individual plants are susceptible to damage from high winds. Therefore, plant your trees and shrubs in small clusters. Doing this makes the plant more cohesive, offering protection from strong winds.

Prune and mulch

Pruning evenly and removing dead and weak branches enhances the structural integrity of your plants, making them able to withstand high winds. Also, you can add a layer of mulch around the base to keep the soil in place and help the plants’ roots retain moisture.

Cover plant beds

Burlaps, blankets, or gardening fabrics can protect your plant beds from the force of the winds. Don’t forget to use heavy bricks or stakes to weigh down the edges, so they don’t get lifted by the wind.

Prevent wind erosion

Although wind erosion isn’t an issue here in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, successive winds can blow away your topsoil, leaving the roots of your plants exposed and weak. Prevent this from happening by raising your garden using beds. The soil will still move around, but it will be contained.

Reinforce hardscape structures

Hardscape structures such as patios, gazebos, and pergolas shouldn’t be left out when protecting your landscaping from high winds. Do an inspection of the structures on your landscape and make necessary repairs and upgrades to ensure they can withstand the winds.

Too busy or unsure of how to implement these tips? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help.



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