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Top Ways to Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

In the cold months, you’re not the only one who needs to prepare for the chilly weather garbed in cardigans, gloves, and head warmers.

Your lawns and backyards need just as much attention to keep your plants and trees safe during the cold months.

This piece contains some important tips to help you get your landscape ready for the low winter temperatures. Here are ways to prepare your landscape:

Cut the grass

When preparing your landscape for winter, the first step would be to cut the grass. This way, you won't have to deal with weeds and pests on your landscape. If you have plants and trees on your lawn, you can prune them to prepare them for fresh, blooming greenery after the winter season.

Get rid of dead leaves and dirt on your landscape

When getting your lawn and backyard ready for winter, you want to ensure that the soil gets as much air, sunlight, and nutrients, which would be difficult if there's a clutter of fallen leaves or dirt on the lawn. Clean up your landscape, rake the leaves and remove any debris on the topsoil.

Fertilize your lawn

It may seem silly to fertilize your lawn ahead of the winter when you know there'll barely be any growth on your lawn. However, adding fertilizer prepares the lawn for the growing season, so it is ready and rich enough for plant growth once the warm months start to set in.

Apply mulch around your plants and trees

Applying mulch around your plants and trees helps to keep them protected during the winter months, as it helps with problems like erosion and loss of water from the soil. Mulch also helps maintain the soil's temperature so that the trees and plants are kept warm during the winter.

Use antiperspirant to prevent moisture loss

You'll want to ensure that your plants aren't losing water during winter by using antiperspirant on the plant leaves. Also, remember to keep watering your plants to ensure they are hydrated during winter.

Schedule winter maintenance for your lawn

An experienced, licensed, and insured professional landscaping service is what you need to get your lawn in prime condition this coming winter.

Reach out to a professional landscaping company like Hursh’s Landscaping for routine maintenance of your yard this winter as well as to handle problems you may not know how to or have the time to fix.



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