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Hire a Professional to Take Care of Your Fall Clean-Up Projects

For many, fall is a rejuvenating and refreshing time of the year when the temperature begins to cool and excitement builds up ahead of the holiday season. This is also when many people choose to carry out various fall cleanup projects or hire a professional service to do it for them.

Fall cleanups can be taxing, and not everyone has the expertise or time to tackle them in a single go. In this article, you’ll see the various fall cleanup projects to be carried out and learn why the help of a professional is invaluable.

Fall clean-up projects

Here are some critical fall cleanup projects to carry out:

Mulch and rake

Ensure to rake up and shred fallen leaves. Use them as mulch for flower beds, shrubs, young trees, and weed control.

Prune shrubs and trees

Remember to trim dead branches and cut back overgrown bushes and trees. If you have perennials like forsythia or lilac, now is when to prune without risking blooms.

Protect cold-sensitive plants

In preparing sensitive shrubs, perennials, and roses ahead of the brutal winter, add mulch to their bases and wrap them in cloth barriers to keep them from freezing.

Protect the deck

You should give your deck a good power wash to keep mildew and mold from growing. Afterward, you can add a weatherproofing stain to keep the wood from moisture damage over the winter.

Fall clean-ups also includes:

  • Cleaning the gutters

  • Aerating the lawn

  • Fertilizing the lawn

  • Mowing

  • And so on!

Why you should hire a professional for your various fall clean-up projects

Although you may view some of these activities as doable, there are many reasons you should outsource to a professional. Here’s why:

Time and cost-effective

While going DIY for the tasks may seem like an excellent way to save money, it’ll take a lot of time, not to mention the money it’ll cost to rent the equipment and tools needed.

Professional landscaping services can help you with the various tasks, as they’re experienced at getting the job done efficiently and have the necessary equipment.


Professionals are experts at their job. For instance, they can identify the plants best suited for your region, control weed growth, and offer mulch delivery to ensure the health of your shrubs and plants in the fall and throughout the winter.

Avoid uncomfortable health hazards

Another bonus to hiring a professional for fall clean-up is that you don’t have to worry about being exposed to mold from decaying leaves, which can be responsible for flu-like symptoms or allergy flare-ups.

Optimized curb appeal

No one does it better than the professionals. You’ll have a perfectly great-looking yard that looks brilliant throughout the fall- the envy of passersby and anyone with half a mind to purchase your property.

Spice up your lawn this fall and beyond with professional clean-up services

With various clean-up projects for you to carry out in the fall, it’s ideal to hire a professional to help you with it rather than burden yourself with the tasks, exhausting yourself in the process.

At Hursh’s Landscaping, we boast the expertise and experience to give your yard an attractive look throughout the season and beyond. Request a quote today.



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